Boy, was I too optimistic

Last August (2017) I imagined I was close to publishing the new novel. Well, it’s now April (2018) and I’m still editing. I don’t think it’s about perfection (not possible, though I cringe when I find typos in my work because I DO spend so much time editing before publishing). Rather, it’s knowing what I’m trying to say can be said better, or the concept I’ve been working through has evolved, or clarity comes to resolve that nagging feeling that I’ve missed something.

At this point, I can say I’m getting there, much closer to the point where I’m ready to let my review crew have a look at the whole story. But as I get closer to publishing, I have to think more about marketing (yuk)–and that includes working on my website, though (surprisingly) I actually have some ideas about content–especially when it comes to Rebecca and her “knowing”–yep, that’s a hint (or is it a hook?).

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Robert Kennedy



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