Another New Beginning

I've been off the radar for quite a while working on a new manuscript (though not so new to me anymore), and preparing my second novel, Chateau de la Mer, for print publication. I've also been taking care of other business, personal and professional, including pursuing an aromatherapy course (which I will write about later, when the new book comes out, because it actually came about while I was writing the new manuscript). In between, I've been trying to revamp my website. I attribute the delay of the latter to procrastination motivated by the fact that I don't know what the heck I'm doing and figuring it out is both exasperating and exhausting.

I will also attempt to coordinate everything with social media, which I must admit is not something I'm naturally inclined to use. Maybe that is so because the lawyer in me values privacy and spends a considerable time pondering my thoughts before trying to express them in writing, and then I have to re-write, edit, re-write, edit...before allowing anyone else to read what I've written. Then comes more re-writing, editing, etc. I will try to loosen up a bit because I know (unlike some people who shall remain nameless) nothing I write here, good or bad, will have a profound effect on the world. On the other hand, I have no intention of tweeting every thought and moment of my day, nor will I indulge any of those narcissistic tendencies that really annoy me, i.e., selfies (I mean really, who gives a rat's a** about my backside? And I don't want to see yours either).
Well, there it is, my first blog.

"Always remember you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." Margaret Mead

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