What's love got to do with it?



Love, that's what I write about, romantic, intimate, spiritual, sacred love.

My new love story, Everything I Am, is coming sooner than later, I hope!


Everything I Am

One day, one night, one decision . . .

For Major Devon Travers everything comes down to Rebecca Fairfield.

In the final year of America’s Civil War, Devon is trapped behind a desk, riddled with guilt and consumed by resentment until he hires an outspoken Reb tomboy to work in the stables. A young beauty with mysterious, sometimes mystical ways, Rebecca ambushes Devon with more than just annoying truth. But she can’t . . . won’t trust him with her secrets, and he can’t confess to what his conscience forbids—not until one night and a vengeful twist of fate force him to choose between his rational mind and passionate heart.

Where will Devon place his faith and trust? And will he realize before it's too late that everything is his to lose?

High Ground

5 Star Reviews

"Gripping Civil War Novel"
"Excellent Civil War Romance...I stayed up all night reading this book."
"Excellent Read"

This damn war has cost me everything I love...everything that mattered, and I don’t even know why I’m fighting anymore.”

In 1860, Captain Garrett Fitzwilliam is living in the center of American politics, viewing the divisive issues of the day through his nonpartisan lawyer eyes.  His life is defined by love of country and faith in the rule of law…until Rachael Hayes Kendrick enters his world.  This sassy young widow captures more than the cocky captain’s imagination.  She proves to him that love is indeed an act of faith, and Rachael’s faith in Garrett is indomitable.  Her faith will sustain him when war divides the North and the South, but will his misguided sense of duty cost him her love?

Chateau de la Mer

Luc d’Artois is ready to die. He has nothing to live for, not until a mysterious woman offers him a temporary reprieve from the gallows. Gabrielle Giraud’s proposal turns out to be much more than Luc bargained for. She may be his every dream come true or a nightmare from which he will never awaken. The choice is his. Suffering betrayals, threats and degradations, Luc bets his life on a lie, demanding Gabrielle do the same. Will Luc’s gamble lead to his redemption or destroy him and his dream.